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Radiator Flush 325ml

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Wynn's RADIATOR FLUSH is a concentrate to clean automotive cooling systems.


  • Powerful acid free radiator cleaner.
  • Dual action: Removes scale and eliminates rust, deposits and oily residues.
  • Excellent performance in all types of cooling liquid, including OAT coolant.
  • Keeps dirt and particulates in suspension whilst cleaning.
  • Safe for rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system.
  • Extremely effective in all closed-circuit cooling systems.
  • Restores the optimal operation of the controls within the cooling system.


  • Recommended for "water" cooled systems of all petrol and diesel engines.
  • Recommended for use when changing the cooling liquid (follow manufacturer's recommendations).
  • Particularly effective when cleaning older cooling systems.


  • Shake contents well and add to the cooling system via the expansion tank if part of the system circuit (2 hoses: out and return), or directly into the radiator if a single hose overflow tank is fitted.
  • For higher performance, first replace the old coolant by water, then add Wynns Radiator Flush.
  • Warm up the engine with the heater control in HOT position.
  • Let the engine run at idle for 10 minutes. Heater still in hot position.
  • Stop the engine and allow to cool, open drain valve and empty the system.
  • With system still open, flush with water until clear, close system and refill with coolant.
  • One bottle of 325 ml treats a system of 5 to 12 litres.
  • Add Wynns Radiator Stop Leak as a leak preventive agent.

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