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Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner 200ml

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10K Boost Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is formulated to clean and remove deposits within the MAF sensor eliminating problems such as poor acceleration, pinging, loss of power and reduced fuel economy. Safe to use on all MAF sensor components and plastic housings.

For use on both wired and plated MAF Sensors

Product Benefits

  • Cleans Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Harmless to internal components
  • Restores power and performance

Directions for Use

1.Ensure the engine is turned off and cold, locate the Mass Air Flow Sensor(Usually between the airbox and the throttle body)
2.Unplug the MAF sensor wiring harness and remove the housing.
3.Place the MAF sensor on an old cloth/towel to catch any residue.
4.Attach the nozzle extension tube, apply 10-15 short sprays onto the hot wires or hot plate and the thermistor inside the sensor housing. Ensure all components are cleaned.
5.Allow to dry thoroughly and then re-assemble the MAF sensor.
6.For maximum performance clean the sensor every 10K miles.

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