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Fuel Biocide Petrol and Diesel 250ml

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Wynns FUEL BIOCIDE is a curative as well as preventive treatment against the formation of micro-organisms in fuel.


  • Kills bacteria, algae and fungi.
  • Prevents microbial re-growth.
  • Is soluble in hydrocarbons and residual water.
  • Does Not affect the fuel quality, is completely combustible.
  • Neutralizes acids, which could be produced by the micro-organisms.
  • Prevents filter plugging by organisms.
  • Handy packaging with dosaging device on top.


  • To disinfect small fuel tanks (25 500 litres) of trucks, boats, vehicles and stationary engines.
  • For diesel and petrol engines.
  • To prevent microbial contamination in all reservoirs, supply lines and filter.


  • Add the product just prior to refuelling.
  • Curative treatment (for disinfecting contaminated fuel tanks)
  • One bottle of 250 ml treats 250 litres of fuel.
  • Add 2 contents of the upper reservoir of the bottle to 50 litres of fuel.
  • Allow the product to work during Minimum 3 days. It is recommended to filter the fuel afterwards in order to remove the deposits of the destroyed micro-organisms.
  • Preventive treatment (to prevent bacterial growth in fuel tanks
  • One bottle of 250 ml treats 500 litres of fuel.
  • Add 1 content of the upper reservoir of the bottle to 50 litres of fuel.

The treatment frequency depends on the storage circumstances: weather conditions, temperatures and humid environment. (Fuel temperatures of 20 to 40°C, unfavourable weather conditions and the presence of water accelerate the fouling). In case of unfavourable conditions (weather, heat, oxygen): add at each tank filling.

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