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Clean Burn Diesel 325ml

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Wynn's CLEAN BURN DIESEL ENGINES is a fuel treatment for diesel engines,which improves the combustion and reduces black smoke formation.


  • Improves the combustion and increases the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber.
  • Reduces the formation of black exhaust smoke, especially soot particulates in diesel engines.
  • Increases the engine performance and improves fuel economy.
  • Quietens diesel-knocking noises.Cleans the injectors and the combustion chamber
  • Improves the vaporization of the fuel and the fuel/air mixture.
  • Lowers the formation of harmful NOX gases during the combustion, as itremoves the isolating fouling material in the combustion chamber.
  • Harmless to catalytic converters and soot filters.
  • Compensates for the reduced lubricity of low sulphur fuels.


  • In diesel fuels, especially in case of heavy smoking, excessive exhaust emissions or for engines operating indoors where low smoke emissions are required (generator groups, etc.).


  • Add Wynn's CLEAN BURN DIESEL ENGINES to the diesel fuel, preferably before filling up.
  • 1 bottle of 325 ml treats up to 75 litres fuel (16 gallons).
  • Use every 4.000 kms (2.500 miles) or more frequently if required (in case of continuous heavy black smoke formation).

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