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What is a Top Strut Mount?

What a Top Strut Mount is and Why it is Important?

While a top strut mount (or top suspension mounting as it’s sometimes known) may sound like something simple, it can be one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s suspension system. The strut mount serves as the mounting point for the top of your vehicle’s shock absorber to connect to your vehicle’s chassis. If you have four-wheel-independent suspension you vehicle will have four strut mounts, two in the front of your vehicle and two in the rear. If you have independent front suspension only, there are only two strut mounts. Ideally, these should be replaced when installing a new shock absorber. Signs of a loose or worn strut mount are much similar to that of other suspension problems, so determining whether it is the strut mount or the shock absorber itself causing a problem is not worth taking time to figure out. Typically, if the shock absorber is worn out, the strut mount is worn out as well and vice versa. Just remember to remove the shock absorber assembly before you try to remove the strut mount for your safety. Before you spend your time and hard-earned money replacing your shock absorber, you want to make sure that it has a stable foundation by replacing your top strut mounts.

Where to find your strut mounts.

If you only have front wheel independent suspension, you will only have two strut mounts to replace. Simply open your bonnet and look on both the left and right side of the engine above the front wheels. You should see a round metal plate held on by several large bolts. Front top strut mounts will also contain a bearing to lessen friction on the mount when steering left or right. If you have four-wheel-independent, in addition to the two strut mounts on the front, you may also need to replace two rear strut mounts as well. To locate these you can get an idea of their location by looking up from where your shock absorber attaches to your suspension and follow it to where it connects to your vehicle at the top. To get to the strut mounts, you will need to open your tailgate and pull back the carpet over each side of your wheel wells and the strut mounts should be easy to find. Keep in mind that the shock absorber is a pressurized system that is held by the strut mount. For your safety, you want to replace a strut mount only after the shock absorber itself has been removed from the vehicle.

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